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  • New business models from data exploitation in order to provide plant control systems with intelligence.

  • New business models from the exploitation of data to provide intelligence to plant control systems

    ACCIONA has the challenge to find new business models from data generated and, if it is able to implement solutions that collect, store, and analyse the relevant information, will grant the business of ACCIONA Agua with a corporate intelligent service and data analysis that is fast, agile, and far more efficient.


    The water treatment plants have many processes from which vast amounts of data are generated and which have to be tended to in order to not only get results from solutions, but anticipate and prevent possible incidents in the treatment processes.


    Business model transition in projects to offer services. Content development for ACCIONA’s cloud where the future numerical updates, cognitive intelligence, algorithms and control systems in the cloud.


    The plants themselves offer a lot of information that grants knowledge of the medium and the processes. Accessing that data volume and be able to analyse it provides new tools and business lines within the data exploitation itself, and opens real possibilities to the improvement and optimization of designs.

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