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  • Real-Time Online Robotics

    The development of automated processes is making a big leap forward thanks to the rise in computational power, robotics resource libraries, batteries, and telecommunications. One of the biggest issues when trying to coordinate and favor the application of autonomous elements into industrial services and processes is the current state of wireless communications. This technology does not allow for the transferal of a high volume of information, or permit remote decision-making and process execution, leaving all computational processing aboard the machine. However, there is a surge of technologies which allow devices to communicate with a high bandwidth and without latency, controlled through wireless communications and exploiting the high processing power and data storage of the cloud.


    At ACCIONA we are looking for startups that offer solutions to improve the efficiency of robots thanks to better communications and the application of decisions in the cloud. How can we improve M2M communication? How can we develop an improvement in the efficiency of man-2-machine communication? How can we control autonomous devices from a distance and augment the robot’s efficiency?

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