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  • Chile: Real-time monitoring and management system of equipment fleets in airport facilities

    Air traffic is steadily increasing year after year, which calls for a need for improvement in the management of handling resources, which becomes one critical activity for the proper operation of the airport. The planning and scheduling of these resources must be adapted in real time to the needs of the different players involved in airport operations (airlines, passengers, etc.) to ensure the quality of the service. However, there is not an automated monitoring and tracking system for these resources (motor-driven or otherwise), which difficults their proper management and has a negative impact on their productivity.

    ACCIONA is looking for startups that help us improve the management, planning and scheduling of our airport equipment fleets. How could we perform a real-time management of our fleet in order to immediately respond to service needs? How could we know the use time for each equipment to monitor the productivity? How could we see the real-time location of the equipment in different airport sectors? How could we design a smart management system to optimize the use and maintenance of our equipment?


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