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  • Development and management of mobile mini hubs for urban deliveries

    The management of e-commerce deliveries is a logistical challenge. With exponential growth in recent years, the need to deliver orders to customers quickly and at lower costs has to converge towards customers’ expectations and their demands to receive their orders as soon as possible. This means that the delivery from the suppliers to the last mile delivery is the most expensive and time consuming stage of the entire process.

    The logistic solutions currently available are based on deliveries from customer warehouses or supplier platforms from which the delivery persons initiate their delivery route. However, the option of using mobile platforms as intermediate warehouses is an option that is attracting much interest in the market.

    ACCIONA is looking for start-ups that will help improve the efficiency and management of last mile deliveries. How can we manage the efficiency of these mini-hubs? How can we increase the delivery person’s productivity? How can we make deliveries more sustainable? How can we decide which is the best solution for these fixed or mobile mini-hubs according to the urban fabric of each specific city?


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