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  • Next generation residence halls

    ACCIONA student residences have suitable facilities for their users and staff, but they need to be modernised and better technologically equipped. The different areas for improvement are residents’ comfort, staff productivity, security, process automatisation and energy efficiency. The focus of all of this is the need to provide the student with a better user experience as regards the facilities of the residence where they live.

    At ACCIONA, we’re looking for solutions that allow us to position our student residency service at the forefront of digitalisation and technological services both for their users and their parents, and for the staff involved in their management or maintenance. How could we streamline and improve incident resolution? How could we improve control and increase the security of the facilities? How could we develop a centralised management system for all of the residences that we are responsible for? What measures can be taken so that residences are more sustainable and energy-efficient?


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