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  • New personalised experiences in a cultural space

    Modern museums and exhibitions offer a static cultural experience. All of the visitors and users consume the same content and have very similar experiences without having their culture, education or age taken into account. In the case of interactive facilities, the content normally doesn’t adapt to the user, so each visitor isn’t guaranteed a unique experience. That all means that users only visit a cultural space once, and aren’t encouraged to return. Therefore, the space quickly becomes obsolete as an entertainment option.

    At ACCIONA, we are looking for start-ups that can help us to design the museums of the future. How can we adapt content depending on the profile of different museum visitors? How can we attract new players to the cultural sector, to create new experiences and content that’s adapted to the target audience? How can we make visiting museums more attractive to new audiences using tools that they’re familiar with? How can we multiply the number of uses of the space itself? How can we offer new inclusive services that all groups feel they can identify with, and that interest them?


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