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  • Digital Energy Trading: optimising engagement in energy markets

    The addition and ever-increasing market penetration of renewable energy (particularly wind power and photovoltaic solar power) into the different electronics marketplaces is leading to unstable electricity prices, leading to temporary fluctuations and prices which can sometimes even become negative. Transactions and adjustments in the electronics markets tend increasingly towards the shorter term and they are moving towards real time. On the other hand, the distributed generation's development will have a more acute impact on the operation and management of electronic markets. Because of this, we need ever-more-advanced tools to take real-time decisions for the processes of selling and market participation - as much for energy markets as for adjustment services or auxiliary services.

    At ACCIONA, we are looking for start-ups to help us proceed with the digitisation of engagement processes in energy market management and adjustment services. How can we incorporate automatic and smart decision-making tools? How do we develop prediction, scenario analysis and engagement strategies? How do we optimise revenue derived from the sale of power and / or adjustment services? How do we adapt to different situations and their development? And how do we do this in real time?


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