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  • Certification of energy generation from sustainable sources

    A large amount of carbon emissions come from the electric and energy generation industries through non-renewable sources. In spite of societies’ greater awareness in the face of climate change and its consequences, there is no way of proving to a client that the energy consumed through the grid originates from a renewable source. In addition, although in different countries the small energy generators have the chance of pouring their energy surplus into the grid, this system is very inefficient and there is no way to prove how much energy produced by them has been distributed through the energy network. Nevertheless, there is an emergence of technologies focused on the development of smart devices, improvements in communications, and the growth of new definitions on asset and service knowledge using distributed databases (i.e. blockchain) that ensure the reliability of the information, facilitating the conceptualization of the future’s energy grid management. A technology such as blockchain amasses three main traits: cybersecurity, low cost transactions, and automation that will allow the integration into the centralized grid of distributed renewable generation, batteries, and flexible charging at a minimum cost and without compromising its trust. A platform like the blockchain would balance the grid in a simple and safe way from both sides and at the same time, increasing the use of the grid’s assets that normally operate at 50% of their capacity.


    In ACCIONA we are looking for startups that can help us design the electric grid of the future. How can we guarantee the traceability of energy across the grid? How can we prove the energy is 100% renewable? How can we manage demand? How can we secure the supply chain? How can we ensure that the energy consumed comes from a specific plant? How can we manage the origin certificates in an efficient way?

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