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  • Advanced digital transformation of wind projects in the design phase and in asset monitoring

    In the design of a wind farm there must be a thorough analysis of the terrain, interferences, building works, close living spaces, etc. The IT applications are heavy and not functional for deployment in the field. There are no agile applications to dispose of a previous digital map where you can include additional information (geolocalization, pictures, panoramas, etc.) with which to work from the office or from the field.


    Predicting how the rainfall will affect a location allows to anticipate to hydrological calculations, ditch executions, road water pumping… with a 3D digital map with topographical data and terrain composition we could have a rainfall simulation.


    Once the wind farm is live, remote surveillance is necessary in the face of growing vegetation, fires, construction or infrastructure modifications… or to detect any alteration that could affect these assets.


    At ACCIONA we are seeking startups that can develop solutions for advanced management of O&M operations. How can we improve efficiency in inspection and maintenance? How can we anticipate to damages done by climate conditions? How can we improve plant growth and its invasion of the infrastructures? How can we improve prediction in maintenance?

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