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  • Resource monitoring and analysis of productivity in construction

    Currently, the monitoring of resources (material and human) in a construction project is done manually with the combination of physical measurements, visual inspections and the creation of reports, whether on paper or digital. However, the monitoring of these resources should be done as autonomously as possible, with minimum participation on the part of the construction team. This would come into play in two areas: safety and construction supervision.

    At ACCIONA, we’re looking for start-ups that can help us to improve the management and supervision of civil engineering works. How can we roll out an autonomous system for identifying the resources for a construction project? How can we better monitor the locations of the machinery? How can we improve the control of access to restricted zones? How could we automatically identify the tasks that workers are engaged in? How can we monitor different teams to check that the plan is being followed, evaluate performance and identify any divergences?


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