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  • Knowledge generation from nonstructured data that is accessible through distributed information systems

  • Information management through distributed sources not parametrized

    One of the greatest challenges corporations face is the management of relevant information that can be obtained through accessible data systems from the network. There are different types of information with distinct broadcasters that can be of interest in the process of a construction project and that can be of use in order to hold the competitive position of a company. Legal documentation, the publication of licitations, and scientific-technical information are assets that all firms must capture, manage, analyse, and spread to maintain their place of power, as well as their competitive edge. This type of data can be found both in a structured and non-structured way, which doesn't allow for an easy procurement of knowledge and that it reaches the right people tasked with its management. 


    At ACCIONA we are looking for solutions that offer knowledge generation through different sources of information, that in turn are found in data systems distributed in a semi-autonomous way. How can we make it so extenal knowledge is accessible to specific staff and adequate in ACCIONA? How can we obtain updated information within the industry at an international level? How can we get updated information from the typology of construction work projects that are being bid for? How can we know the legislation that must be applied? How can we know which types of solutions are adequate? How can we know the competitive position of rival companies?

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