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  • Optimization of soil treatments

    In infrastructure construction projects where earthworks predominate, soil occasionally needs to be moved and/or treated and then compacted to specific density/moisture conditions. Drying soil increases overall project cost due to delays and materials (additives) and/or machinery costs.


    Can you bring an innovative and cost-efficient way to dry wet soil in this civil engineering innovation challenge?


    The following additional properties should also be considered:

    • Enhance the workability of soil Preserve or improve the mechanical performance of the original soil
    • Maintain or increase the usage of in situ soil (reducing cost of hauling, dumping and soils from borrow pits)
    • Reduce the cost of treatment with additives if applicable
    • Be applied in any weather conditions (wind, cold, etc.)
    • Ensure uniformity in application
    • To ensure durability and volume stability of the additive if applicable


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