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  • Collection, management, and access to data of a contruction work project for just-in-time decision-making

  • Digital transformation that allows the collection, management, and access to data of a contruction work project for just-in-time decision-making

    The execution of a contruction work project is a very complex procedure involving many agents which include clients, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors… the necessary information for the execution of a project is vast, highly complex, contrasting, is registered in different ways, and on many ocassions is found fragmented. The lack of coordination, due to this information being unavailable or difficult to obtain means there are greater costs that the clients are not willing to assume and echo on the accepted budget, thus reducing the margins for engineering and construction firms.


    In ACCIONA we are looking for solutions that facilitate the recollection of data in order to make just-in-time decisions, having in mind the execution process of a contruction work project. How can we get the project manager, the arquitect, and the owner the necessary information, in real-time, of the current state of the project? How can we manage the reception and dispatch of orders to external suppliers (i.e. suppliers of concrete) or adjust the reception of orders to the project’s situation? How can we predict and adapt accordingly to emerging issues without compromising efficiency and quality? How can we control the work’s quality across all steps of the project’s lifecycle until its completion? How can we control the conformity for the work done and anticipate potential corrections in order to transmit them to the rest of the involved stakeholders? How can we create a record of the work done by contractor/subcontractor, employee to incite performance evaluation? How can we create information that is traceable?

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