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  • Chile: Energy sustainability in isolated temporary construction projects

    The demand for energy for temporary facilities for infrastructure construction in isolated areas is covered using diesel engines. On the other hand, consumption on these projects has a demand profile that’s very different to any other system, and is connected to how the project progresses. This energy system for isolated construction projects is a micro-network that can be designed and managed in a much more efficient and sustainable manner through the integration of renewable energies, storage, digitalisation, consumption sensors, etc. However, the portability of renewable energy to supply projects is complex, costly and doesn’t guarantee to provide 100% of the energy required.

    At ACCIONA, we’re looking for startups that allow us to provide sustainable energy to construction projects to reduce dependency on diesel.  How can we create a modular, transportable system that’s quick to install? How can we control intermittent renewable generation and consumption in an efficient manner? How can we integrate storage for network management? How can we create these modular, temporary systems in an isolated environment?


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