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  • Smart control systems for energy consumption in energy communities in our developments



    Energy communities allow the sharing of the operation of energy and thermal infrastructures on a specific site. The operation of plants within a residents’ community, a neighbourhood or industrial estate means a paradigm change in the energy sector, in terms of the combination of sustainable energy with the grid and a reduction in energy transmission.


    This opens the door to self-sufficiency, which fosters more sustainable systems in economic and environmental terms and aims to activate citizens’ participation in the energy transition.


    Bearing in mind that the trend is for cities to continue growing, with a higher population and a greater role in world GDP, it is important that the intensive use of resources and energy should be as efficient as possible.



    ACCIONA is moving towards a sustainable future, with decarbonization playing a major role. The real estate unit of the company is working to incorporate it from a variety of perspectives. To comply with sustainable certification, we build smart housing units that include the control of consumption levels and temperature.


    The problem to be solved is the lack of coordination and management of consumption, particularly in organised communities. Through this project, our aim is to contribute to less use of non-renewable primary energy, create smart housing and manage consumption in an efficient manner. We set out to promote a diversity of stakeholders and the existence of participate projects, both in green energy generation and in the energy system as a whole.



    Is it possible to plan a community of buildings that can be energy self-sufficient and also store energy, thereby optimising its use?  Is it possible to make cost savings through the efficient use of energy?


    ACCIONA needs to incorporate new tools for the management of costs and consumption in these communities. To do this, it puts its know-how and experience in the sector at your disposal to help bring about the transformation. 


    We support the UN SDGs

    • Goal 9: Construct resilient infrastructures, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.
    • Goal 11: Make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
    • Goal 12: Guarantee sustainable consumption and production modalities.


  • 6

    months development time

    Up to 50.000€



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