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  • Sustainable Mining in Chile: Safety and Health Monitoring for On-Site Workers

    Mine and Construction sectors are constantly working towards the reduction of the accident rate. Besides, in Chile, with the new regulations, mining companies are also responsible for a potential accident caused by a worker’s health issue (i.e. a heart attack). Real-time monitoring solutions for the workers would enable an active management of their safety and health.

    ACCIONA is looking for startups that help us improve the active management of the safety and health of mining workers. How could workers be monitored using devices they are already familiar with (i.e. a smartphone) How could the vital signs of workers be monitored to detect or prevent health risks? How could the workers receive alerts when they are at risk? How could workers in a mining site be monitored, considering the characteristics of the network service? How could the collected information be used to improve safety plans? How an efficient monitoring system could be developed for open pit and underground mines?


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